The Animal Breeding & Reproduction Laboratory ofYunnan Institute of Husbandry &Veterinary

The Animal Breeding & Reproduction Laboratory of Yunnan Institute of Husbandry &Veterinary has about 40 years history. The main goals of the lab are developing excellent livestock breeds, researching reproductive technologies and applying scientific achievements in livestock production.

The lab has a lot of instruments which are used in animal breeding, embryonic engineering , and molecular biology researching, including Beckman Allegra 21R centrifuge, Beckman microfuge, Biometra thermocycler(PCR), UVI gel documentation systems, Nikon TE300 inverted microscope, Nikon NT-88NE micromanipulator systems, Nikon SMZ-2B stereoscope, Millipore water purification systems, Olympus endoscopic equipment, Omron HP-4530 hot plate, Forma CO 2 water jacketed incubator, Sanyo ultra low freezer, Planer Kyrosave program freezer and so on.

At present, we have 9 people in the lab, including 4 professor, 1 assistant researcher, 3 researchers and two worker. We are making five projects. The first is the study on Yunnan goat breeding and feeding technology which is in 10th 5-year plan of Yunnan. The second is the study on goat oocytes recovered by OPU which is supported by Yunnan natural science foundation. The third is the technology spreading of cow embryo transfer which is belong to agricultural project on technology extending. The fourth is the industrialized breeding of Yunnan semi-fine wool sheep and meat goat which is project from the Ministry of Finance. The last is the breeding system construction of high quality meat goat by embryonic engineering .


We have some achievement as follows which is gotten through hard work by many people in the lab.

Yunnan semifine wool sheep is a improved breed. Now, there are 90,000 Yunnan semifine wool sheep, including 3,500 first-rank adult sheep, 22,000 second-rank adult sheep, and 36,000 brood ewe. The performance of first-rank sheep is in following table:

weight after wool cut(kg) weight of wool(kg) length of wool(cm)

adult ram 65 5.5 14

ram hogger 50 4.0 14

adult ewe 42 3.8 13

gimmer hogg 30 3.0 13

clean wool yield: 65%, dressing percentage:48%, lambing percentage: 105%.

The technological system of goat embryonic engineering has just been set up this year. The system includes :

A. The skill of superovulation and synchronization. We can get 12 to14 embryo from each Bore goat by superovulation and synchronization percentage reaches 97%.

B. The skill embryo bisection and embryo ultra low freeze preservation. The kidding rate of half- embryo transfer is 40% and the kidding rate of freezing embryo transfer is 31%.

C. Embryo transfer stations. We can transfer embryo to 300 receptors every day.

D. Endoscopic equipment used in embryo transfer increases the pregnancy rate of transfer by 5% to 10% and decreases time of transfer by 80%.

E. The kidding rate of single-embryo transfer reaches 55% to60%.

F. Goat embryo cryopreserved by straw and open pulled straw vitrification. The kidding rate of embryo transfer by using two methods reaches 42%.

G. The standard of embryo quality can improve health of generation from embryo transfer.


We will go on making projects we have got, and we also seek chance to cooperate with foreign institutes, universities or companies in the fields of advanced breeding technologies and reproductive biotechnology. We hope we can improve our technological level and work rate through cooperating and communicating with foreign countries.

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